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JSR 321: Trusted Computing API for Java

Last modified:  September 2, 2014

Mission Statement

JSR 321 targets to develop a Trusted Computing API for Java(TM) providing selected functionality the TCG Software Stack offers to the C world, while following the conventions of modern Java APIs. This project is to support the open source development of accompanying and supporting the formal JCP process at

JSR321 has taken a transparent approach towards the development of the API and aims to get valuable feedback from the security and Java community in order to develop the most useful specifications.

Expert Group

Ronald Toegl, was the Spec Lead for JSR 321. Peter Lipp is now Mainenance Lead (pending confirmation by the JCP). The members of the JSR 321 Expert Group are:

  • Ronald Toegl and Peter Lipp, IAIK, Graz University Of Technology
  • Jeff Nisewanger, Oracle
  • Deepak Dasaratha Rao, Samsung Electronics Corporation
  • Winkler, Thomas
  • Keil, Werner
  • Nauman, Mohammad
  • Gungoren, Bora
  • Hong, Theodore

Former members of the Expert Group are

  • Intel Corp.


The Trusted Computing Group developed a standard API for accessing Trusted Computing functionality from applications, the Trusted Software Stack (TSS). The TSS is targeted at applications written in the C-language. To make use of TC-functionality from Java, two groups have developed prototype solutions:

  • MIT CSAIL developed TMP/J, an object-oriented API using Java for low-level access to the TPM.
  • IAIK, Graz University of Technology has developed the jTSS-Wrapper, a Wrapper making standard TSS implementations accessible from Java, and also jTSS, a native implementation of the TCG Software Stack.

The TSS-based activities followed the C-Specifications of the TCG, the resulting API obviously is not ideal for the Java world. The proposed JSR is to develop a Trusted Computing API for Java providing comparable functionality the TSS offers to the C world.

Project Summary

This project providea a forum for discussion both with the formal JCP Expert Group and general community members in an open fashion. Tasks include the collection of use cases, analysis, and the development of a Reference Implementation (RI) and a Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK).

Participation & Comments

The preferred way to contribute to the JSR is to formally join the JCP and become a member of the expert group. However, contributions from the community are welcome as well. People interested in actually participating should contact the project owner. The project has just submitted all results to the final approval ballot.

Please Download the submitted Final Release here (provided under the restrictions of a cost-free review license, which is delivered in detail with the specifications).

To get started using the API with its Reference Implementation or further Information on the Technology Compatibility Kit, visit our Wiki.



TPM Software Stack Specifications
Trusted Computing for the Java Platform


Please contact the project owner and specification lead at ronald DOT toegl AT peter DOT lipp AT


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